2018 - Enhancing Competitiveness for Sustainable Development

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04:13' PM - Wednesday, 11/04/2018

This is the direction of Petrolimex (The Group) Board Member - General Director Pham Duc Thang at the premilinary first quarter and implementation of key tasks in the second quarter of 2018 meeting at Petrolimex Saigon’s office building addresses 15 Le Duan Street - District 1 - Ho Chi Minh City on April 9th,2018.

Attending and steering at the meeting with the General Director, there were Petrolimex Board Member Le Van Huong, Heads of some Departments / Devisions of Petrolimex; Board of Directors of Petrolimex Saigon (The Company) and Subsidiary Companies Directors.

In the First Quarter 2018, GDP increased 7.4% - Highest in the past decade, leading to the demand for petroleum in the country and Ho Chi Minh City followed the growth. From the beginning of the year, many new policies of the goverment related to petroleum sector were introduced such as replacing RON 92 with E5 RON 92; the application of minimum emission level 4 for imported cars, new assembly, etc. These factors have created positive effects and positive trends to the market, directly affecting the business. of the Company.

Following closely the steering and duties assigned by the Group, Petrolimex Saigon has concentrated its resources to complete the plan: import / export in total reached 1.5 million m3-tons (27% of plan, increased 13% over the same period); the volume of direct wholesale channels, distributors have increased over the same period; Outstanding: sales of franchise channels increased 21% and retail sales increased 7% over the same period.

Strive to complete on time the key tasks such as: blending in-tank bio-fuel to distribute to the market area, successfully preparing RON 95 petroleum emission level III & IV, pioneering bring green fuel - high quality Diesel 0.001S at 67/69 Petroleum Stations; issuing electronic invoices throughout the system from April 1st .2018, ...

From January 2018, the 1B wharf was upgraded and repaired, officially put into operation, increased the import / export capacity of Nha Be Oil Terminal; At the same time, the application of vehicles automatic arrangement has shortened the time of commodity receipt, contributing publicity - transparency and creating a commercial civilization with customers.

Petrolimex Saigon Director Trinh Ba Bo makes finance reports of the first quarter results and mission implementation second quarter 2018

Steering the meeting, Petrolimex Board Member Pham Duc Thang acknowledged the efforts of Petrolimex Saigon employees at the beginning of the year. Simultaneously expressed sympathy with the Company about petroleum market in the South situation; Agreed with the recommendations / proposals of Petrolimex Saigon in creating flexible organizations and policies built up competitive ability according to regional specific.

In the coming time, Petrolimex General Director required the Company will have been continuing to follow closely the key solutions of the Group, especially 06 directions at the Southern Business Conference recently held in Ho Chi Minh City.

Asserting the important role of Nha Be Oil Terminal in implementing the development orientation of 04 strengths of Petrolimex (Logistics, Blending, Quality and Automation), the General Director requested the Company to improve continually the capacity of warehouses moderation and services of high quality petroleum products Blending Centre as well as promoting the development of the Petroleum Station system in both width and depth trends.

Board Member - General Director of Petrolimex Pham Duc Thang steers the meeting

Conclusion the meeting, Petrolimex Saigon Chairman Nguyen Van Canh expressed the deeply appreciation for the attention and thorough guidance from Leaders of the Group, especially the General Director - This is also the ideologies, united point of views and a strong message from Petrolimex Board of Directors. At the same time, we urge the Company Leadership and key staffs urgently and drastically strive to carry out the tasks assigned by the Group.

In the coming time, the Company Chairman requests absolute safetiness and security in all production and business activities; Continuing to improve the products moderation to increase the import / export capacity through warehouses, specific plans to improve the blending capacity - step by step brings Nha Be Oil Terminal becoming the center for petroleum Blending for domestic and regional markets.

In 2018 second quarter, completing the automatic tank gauging system therefore It could be put into operation, products inventory and moderation from July 1st.2018; Speeding up the completion of key projects; Continuing to implement the strategic projects of running business and modernization of warehouses, improving procedures and creating a professional space for petroleum trading.

Petrolimex Saigon Chairman Nguyen Van Canh received guidance and concluded at the meeting

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