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Agency Channel

Agency is an important petroleum distribution channel of Petrolimex Saigon, help to distribute the imported petroleum products of company to the final consumers.

Up to now, Retail Petroleum Enterprise – subsidiary of Petrolimex Saigon, has Petroleum Agency Distribution Network with Petrolimex brand name, throughout Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding provinces. Enterprise steps up to enlarge this distribution channel to form retail petroleum network sustainable, effective in the spirit of “Win-win cooperation”.

With the outstanding advantage about ensuring supply sources, prestigious Petrolimex brand name, the competitive commercial policy, the best after-sales service, ...almost Agencies of Retail Petroleum Enterprise are the traditional customers, and have attached many years with our enterprise.

According to the regulations of State, traders sign the agency contracts directly with Retail Petroleum Enterprise; register their distribution system with our enterprise; get petroleum products from Petrolimex Saigon to sell and to be remunerated or discounted along with the preferential policy, the other support of Enterprise.

The Agency Channel Policy

1. The policy of ensuring oil sources(including both the progress and delivery time / delivery overtime):

  • Petrolimex Saigon commits to ensure enough oil sources to supply the customers’ needs in the normal situations. In the case of imbalance in terms of sources, our company will perform in the following order of priority.

2. The price policy:

  • The price announced for all objects on each of the sales channels are the same – as the price due to Director of Company issued on the documents “Decision of Pricing”.
  • In the case of payment in advance, depending on executive objective in each stage, to be reduced by a maximum of the equivalent of the interest rate of short-term loans by the Bank.
  • For agency channel, Retail Petroleum Enterprise has implemented following the current regulations on the retail price management of oil materials which are based on devolving of Petrolimex Saigon.

3. The credit policy:

  • In order of priority sales according to distribution channel, terms and conditions of payment are as follows: Prepayment – Bank Guarantee – Mortgage – Credit.
  • For agency channel, Retail Petroleum Enterprise controls closely to procedure trading contract following the regulations of State, Petrolimex Group and Petrolimex Saigon together with terms of payment, prefer the form of payment in advance.

4. The after-sales service policy:

  • When customers buy petroleum products but there are no oil storage spaces and the means to get out within the bill and would like to resend the stock-keeping warehouse, the company will switch over the stock-keeping source and collect the oil storage fee. In this case, only applies to customers who purchase domestically, and only implement when customers pay for in advance and does not have matured liabilities in any distribution channels.

Trading Procedure

If customers have any requirements, please feel free to contact directly with Petrolimex SaiGon at the Head Office:

Address: 15 Le Duan Boulevard, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Telephone:(84 28) 3829 2081

Fax: (84 28) 3822 2082


Petrolimex SaiGon will appoint makerting expert to introduce our services and find out about customers’ requirements in order to help custmes can choose the suitable products and best services.

Retail Petroleum Enterprise will appoint makerting expert to introduce our services and find out about customers’ requirements in order to help customers can quickly become our partners.

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