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Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy

During 45 years of development, every success of the Petrolimex Saigonhas been notedthe stamp of effort and the dedication of the staffgenerations alwaysupholds the human factors, the power of collective staff through training policies and meritocracy. Petrolimex Saigon Board of Management has established the flexible policies, remuneration and benefits fairly and efficiently.

Social insurance policies

Allemployees of Petrolimex Saigon aretaken part in social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance in accordance with theregulations of TheLabourLaw and SocialInsurance Law.The policies of maternity, accident insurance, termination allowance in accordance with the regulations of the laws.

In addition,annually, Petrolimex Saigon alsoorganizes periodic health examination and occupational disease clinic foremployees with diverse examination categories in accordance with each position of work.

Benefit policies

In addition to salary, Petrolimex Saigon employees are also entitled to allowancesin ordertocompensate timely, adequate labourpower as well as theircontribution.

-Position allowance

-Night shift allowance

-Toxic and dangerous allowance

-Responsibility allowance

-Allowance for Party and Unions learders

-Telephone allowance etc…

Reward Policies

Petrolimex Saigon implements reward allowances for employees based on the competence of working and the contribution of each employee. On a general rule, employees have the following basic modes:

-Minimum 13 month’s salary annually applicable for each employee.

-Bonus for employees with new initiatives and improvements in work

-Bonus on national holidays, new years, and the founding anniversaries of company

-Bonus for excellence units, employee of the year

Training policy and human resources development

At Petrolimex Saigon, all employees have equal opportunitesto get promotion.The company commitsto ensure sufficient resources for training policies and developmentof employees, career developmentplan, developmentof inhertteam.Establishing an assessmentsystem of fair and objective;recognition, sharing experiences;creating the most favorable conditions for improving the efficiencyof workandindividual development.

Work environment

-Dynamic, are always created conditions so that employees have the opportunities to assert themselves.

-The office is always cool, clean, fully equipped, working facilities.

-Personal protective equipmentis distributed for employees fully.

Other policies

Annually, Petrolimex Saigon applies staff policies on holidays and uniforms for employees, organizesthedonationactivities, shares with employees in difficult circumstancesto aim to bulidthe spirit ofsolidarity in thePetrolimex SaigonHouse.