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Scope of Business

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Oil storage for rent and maitaing storage service

Renting oil storageis a service which is provided by Petrolimex SaiGon for customers who have functions of importing petroleum but does not have storage, or their storage does not have enough capacity. Storage cost is depended on agreement of both parties, including receipt cost, maintaining cost, pump cost, … and the rate of standard loss.

As regards customers who are not leading imported companies, the other forms of renting oil storage are executed following by agreement between Petrolimex SaiGon and customers.

Maintaing storage serviceis a form of renting oil storage which is arose during sales process. When customers have any needs, Petrolimex SaiGon will sell and maintain products of customers. This cost will be calculated in customers’ payment after the third day since customers buy.

Trading Procedure

If customers have any requirements, please feel free to contact directly with Petrolimex SaiGon at the Head Office:

Address: 15 Le Duan Boulevard, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Telephone:(84 28) 3829 2081

Fax: (84 28) 3822 2082


Petrolimex SaiGon will appoint makerting expert to introduce our services and find out about customers’ requirements in order to help custmes can choose the suitable products and best services.