Mazut 380 - 0,5S (RMG) [FO 380 - 0,5S]

 03:29 PM @ Tuesday - 06 November, 2012

Petrolimex’s Registered Quality Standards TCCS 04: 2019/PLX is a document specifying quality criteria for fuels used in industrial incinerators for different operating and climatic conditions, referred to as burning fuels. furnace (fuel oil), symbol FO has been approved and announced by the General Director of Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex) under Decision No. 015 / PLX-QD-TGD dated January 14, 2020.

This institution standard may be reviewed, amended and supplemented to ensure its practical use and in accordance with current law provisions.

Mazut 380 - 0.5S (RMG) [abbreviated FO 180 - 0.5S]: is the commodity name of industrial furnace fuel with the largest viscosity of 380 cSt and the largest sulfur content of 0,5% by weight.

The quality criteria and corresponding test methods of furnace fuel (FO) are specified as follows:

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