• Continuing the certification of Safety, Health and Environmental Management system following to ISO standards

    22/07/2021 05:05' PM(Petrolimex Sai Gon)
    Since 2009, Petrolimex Saigon has started to implement and be certified in accordance with the ISO international standards on safety, occupational health and environment of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and integrated into the quality management system ISO 9001. Over the years, the Company has continuously maintained and upgraded policies to keep safety, ensure the health of employees, partners, customers, visitors, and protect environment to be greener, cleaner and more friendly.
  • Petrolimex Saigon Policy

    22/07/2021 04:40' PM(Petrolimex Saigon)
  • Practice for oil spill response at night

    31/03/2021 02:36' PM(Petrolimex SaiGon)
    At 8:00 pm on March 19, 2021, Nha Be Oil terminal, a subsidiary of Petrolimex Saigon, organized an oil spill response practice in the first quarter of 2021. The training session aims to improve oil spill preparedness and responsiveness, at the same time, enhance the ability to proactively control if an oil spill occurs at night.
  • Keep Our River Clean and Green

    26/12/2016 02:05' PM(Source: Petrolimex Saigon)
    Recognizing the importance of Environmental Protection 4 kilometers length river through the territory of Nha Be Oil Terminal. Oil Spill prevention and Response always receive the direct and deep concern from Vietnam Petroleum Group (Petrolimex). Not only investing in equipment for oil spill response, Nha Be Oil Terminal also focus on staffs training with the motto "local forces, prevention as key and always be ready to rescue in all circumstances". To achieve those objectives above, the Oil Spills Response Drill should be carried out regularly and effectively.
  • Petrolimex Saigon attends the VINATEST Annual Conference 2016

    03/12/2016 08:45' AM(Petrolimex Saigon)
    On 03.12.2016, leading Petrolimex Saigon delegation, the Company Chairman Nguyen Van Canh attended the annual meeting of the Association of Ho Chi Minh City Laboratory 2016 (VINATEST) took place at the Union of Friendship Organizations Headquarter - addresses No. 31 Le Duan street, District 01, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Petrolimex Saigon targeting "Safety - Quality - Efficiency"

    16/08/2016 02:16' PM(Petrolimex Saigon)
    Early in the day 08.12.2016, Chairman of Petrolimex Saigon Quality & Risk Management Council (Council) Nguyen Van Canh presided the conference about approving Petrolimex Saigon quality developing untill 2020 plan.
  • Fire drill and rescuing plans at Petroleum Station number 03 and number 32

    04/01/2016 04:22' PM(source: Petroleum Retail Enterprise)
    Ho Chi Minh City, On 12.20.2015, Petroleum Retail Enterprise in collaboration with the Fire Protection Police Department District 1 have a fire drill and rescuing plans year 2015 at 02 Petroleum stations: Number 03 (102 Pham Hong Thai Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1; Number 32 (158 Hung Vuong Street, Ward 2, District 10).
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